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Upcoming Events - Please email if you have further questions.
Sept - Oct  2020
La Galaria @ the Shaffer Show September - October
July  2020
Kneeling Nun Oil Painting by Dianne Doan
September 2020
Kneeling Nun Oil Painting by Dianne Doan
May Edition
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Featured in article on page 055 of American Art Collector, Las Floridas painting and information included in article.
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Dianne Doan, Las Floridas, oil on board, 18 x 36"

Darnell’s sister-in-law Dianne Doan has lived her adult life in New Mexico and loves to express the beauty around her through vibrant colors. She says. “Taking artistic license with what nature provides, I see myself as an expressionist and colorist.”
Both artists are represented by La Galería @ The Shaffer in Mountainair, New Mexico. Darnell will have a solo show, Cowgirl Attitude, opening May 2 at the gallery, while Doan will be one of three featured artists in the gallery’s Enchanted Landscapes show in September. Darnell will also have two additional figurative art exhibitions this year, one of which will focus on nudes.